A free and democratic society is a function of free and democratically thinking citizens... free as free thinking or 'democratic'

Many of the social ills of the society are symptoms of a maloriented educational system. Children are required to learn within the framework of adult controlled instruction.

In order for its citizens to live according to the underlying principles of a truly free society, they must have been educated for a life of freedom - not freedom as license and without responsibility but freedom with responsibility ...'responsible freedom'. In order to function with integriy and intelligence in a democratic society, children must become mature as well as knowledgeable, autonomous and self-disciplined. The educational process for children means the opportunity for growth in a climate which fosters the instinctive development and maturation of their individuality and potentialities...

Since the goal of the educational process is effective learning then the orienting center of any effective educational policy is child interest. Children must be allowed to develop their individual personalities and potentialities as well as their mental and intellectual capacities in an educational climate of freedom and respect. Such a climate is the requisite condition for effective learning because it fosters the unfolding of their natural potentialities and their inner development towards inner freedom and rational thought. The only condition necessary to insure the cultivation of natural developmental processes is an education with a view to cultivation of the capacities for self-evaluation, self-determination, self-respect,  self-discipline, and a sense of responsibility for oneself and one's fellow human beings... an education which allows for the complete emotional, psychological and intellectual and spiritual develoment of children into mature adult personalities in harmony with themselves and their environment i.e. 'holistic education'.

Implications for education

Freedom in the educational process insures the proper functioning of a free and democratic society made up of citizens who are free and democratic in their thinking.